Calling All Patriots

The Contract with Wyoming

Why does Wyoming need a contract with our elected officials?  Because we have been shown that our electeds tell voters one thing and then they vote against our interests in Cheyenne.  If a candidate wants the support of the Patriot Conservatives of Wyoming, they will sign the contract.  

  1. Abortion: Support all pro-life legislation and oppose any legislation that furthers the practice of abortion.
  2. 2nd Amendment: Actively oppose any and all restrictions on the 2nd Amendment.  Commit to support the 2nd Amendment Preservation Act.
  3. Taxes: Commit to actively oppose and vote against any and all new taxes.
  4. Balanced Budgets: Commit to balancing State, County and City budgets without the use of "Rainy Day Funds."
  5. Election Integrity: Actively oppose mail-in voting, federalization of elections, cross-over voting.  Commit to supporting the removal of the State from the primary system.
  6. Ranching: Commit to supporting Country of Origin Labeling and ranching independence from consolidated markets.
  7. Natural Resources: Actively oppose any effort to diminish Wyoming's mining, drilling, production of oil and natural gas, coal, or any natural resource.
  8. Medical: Commit to oppose Medicaid Expansion
  9. Covid: Oppose any effort to impose vaccine passports or mandatory vaccines.
  10. Critical Race Theory: Commit to actively oppose critical race theory, SEL, or sexual orientation instruction, the 1619 project (or any derivations) in public schools.
  11. Education Funding: Commit to reducing the Wyoming School Budget to managable levels.
  12. Discrimination: Oppose any manner of hate-crime legislation.

In return for the candidate signing the Contract with Wyoming, the Patriot Conservatives of Wyoming will actively support the election of the candidate.

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